2 Epic Advantages of Geo-Targeting on Twitter

If you’re selling bath and body products to the people of Oregon, then your target audience are those people. So, you should compose your Tweets for them and even increase the chances for them to read your Tweets.

This is an effective marketing strategy that can generate leads and significantly drive up sales. And this strategy is what you call geo-targeting. You should try it because it comes with a set of advantages.

Here are some of these advantages.

1: Increases Brand Awareness in a Less Expensive Manner

If you promote your product to more people, the higher the chances of getting others to be aware of your brand, right? Well, yes. But this is also going to cost more if you’re going to be charged for each person that reads your Tweets.

The solution is to use geo-targeting.

If you market to a specific geographic location, you have better odds of effectively introducing your product (and your brand, in general) to those people.

So, even if you’re going to be charged for each person that reads your Tweets, you’re still going to get your money’s worth. After all, those people are your target — people who may buy your product.

Especially if you have a tight budget, this is the better way to go.

2: Plus Points to Your Name Due to Relevance

Geo-targeting also benefits your brand by helping you stay relevant. It improves your reputation because most — if not all — people dislike irrelevant Tweets.

While there is no rule against it, posting random Tweets is not a good idea — business-wise. It turns people off because it’s annoying and it wastes people’s time.

And the same is true when you post Tweets to a random audience. For all you know, nobody in that audience cares about your offer.

As you take note of this, be sure you’re aware that consistency is as important, too. Post Tweets to a relevant audience consistently.

To always stay relevant and consistent, let a Twitter automation tool come to your rescue. An automation tool can help with geo-targeting by allowing AI to do its magic.

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Using Twitter to market your product is an effective way to improve your business. But using Twitter to improve your business is not as simple as creating an account on the social network, and then posting Tweets as you please.

You need a solid strategy such as using the power of geo-targeting.