Benefits of Instagram Marketing

Instagram is continuously evolving as a platform, and so is Instagram marketing. New features and new marketing strategies are the order of the day and if you are not keen or up to date with the new practices, you will always be lagging behind your competitors. Luckily, there is a broad array of Instagram marketing courses to help you keep up in this highly competitive marketing space and establish a firm brand identity.

Fred Harrington notes that these courses can teach you valuable lessons on how to formulate a sensible strategy and follow it through to enhance a strong brand presence. Even so, before we even think or talk more about such courses, it’s important we explore why Instagram is as popular as a marketing platform.

Targeted Advertising

The highest percentage of active Instagram users is the young generation. With not so much responsibilities and a well-popularized profile as big spenders, they represent a good target audience for most businesses. Additionally, these young high-spenders are not only potential customers but long-term clients if you build trustworthy interactions with them.


One of the most beautiful features on Instagram is the ability to post your content across numerous platforms at a go. This makes it easier, especially for individuals who manage their own social media pages across different platforms. This feature gives your brand or content more exposure and also saves you time. Your Instagram posts can be automatically shared on your pages on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr.

Unlimited marketing potential

With a billion active users, Instagram is by merit the best platform to help you reach a large pool of potential customers and create lasting relationships. Additionally, there is minimal competition on Instagram and high levels of engagement as compared to other platforms.

Despite reaching a large pool of potential customers, Instagram’s analytical tools provide important statistics to help you establish the success of your promotional efforts. This helps you to see beyond the number of followers and likes you get, but rather the impact of your marketing campaign with regard to awareness, recall, and reach.

Repetitive Marketing

Brands can benefit significantly from Instagram through repetitive promotional campaigns. As a result of being exposed to the same brand day in day out, it’s easy for it to pervade your consciousness. As such, brands take advantage of this aspect to create awareness and reach out to new potential customers. A consistent logo is easy to identify and remember, thus, every time a user comes across that logo, they automatically associate it with your business.