Common Misconceptions About Instagram Automation

People are always looking for ways to make their work easier and the social media space has not been left out. You can use social media to establish your brand, connect with new people, increase your sales and also market your brand. Automation has been a very a supportive function when it comes to achieving all these goals. You know social platforms are somehow addictive and wasting time there is the order of the day for most people. You have to understand what you are getting into before you automate. The following are some of the common misconceptions on Instagram automation.

    1. All automation tools and bots are equal

Some tend to think that you can just pick any automation tool that comes your way. This is not the case because they are designed for different functions. There are some which are good at engagement while others are for scheduling. Analyze your needs and pick one that suits your needs. Check customers’ and experts’ reviews on the same for you to settle on the best. Read the FollowLiker Review *WARNING* – The Small Business Blog and learn what to look for in an automation tool. Some have free plans and paid plans with advanced features.

    1. An automation tool takes care of all the activities

Do not think that you will sit in the comfort zone just because you have an automation tool. You still have to come up with content and quality one for that matter. Take clear photos and record high-quality videos to share with your audience. Your captions also have to be attractive and make them relate to the content. Review the activities of the bots once in a while to keep your profile clean and free from spam. Respond to those queries that require personalized attention and create a good relationship with your audience.

    1. Instagram automation is for those who sell physical products alone

The visual nature of Instagram makes it a good platform to display physical goods to potential customers. Those with digital products can also establish their online presence and connect with potentials. You can take photos or record videos while giving services to your customers and establish an online presence. Musicians and other performing artists can also upload teasers of their products on Instagram and provide a link to the full piece on the bio section. Observe the type of content that competitors and market leaders in your niche post.