Five Amazing Homeopathic Pain Relievers

Four Amazing Homeopathic Pain Relievers

Are you fed up taking ibuprofen or paracetamol on a daily base to deal with chronic pain? I feel you as it can’t be good to feed your body with those chemicals day in day out. So what if there were some natural ways that work almost just as good? I’m sure I would use them so let me share it with you.

Cryotherapy – not for a toothache

I guess that speaks for itself that you shouldn’t use it when you deal with a toothache but I thought I just mention it as I’m having to go to the dentist myself and in this case, you definitely need something stronger than homeopathy can provide. But for any other type of pain, it’s a great reliever. By applying intense cold to where it hurts your body releases certain proteins that decrease inflammation. Same like you’re used to sun studios more and more cryotherapy salons are popping up that have specifically designed cryotherapy chambers but you can also do it at home by taking an ice bath.

Switch it up – hot and cold

Besides cold-shock proteins, there is also something called hot-shock proteins, by applying heat and then cold to the area where it hurts most you trigger those proteins to be released which decreases blood flow to where it hurts. This doesn’t work all that well for chronic pain but it’s a great way to relieve pressure after an accident or an open wound, and with that, it reduces the swelling enormously so think about that before taking another pill.

Cannabidiol Oil

Or in short CBD oil, if there’s one science-breaking natural painkiller than CBD oil it is. Unfortunately it’s not legal in every country or state yet as it always contains a certain amount of THC, the stuff in marijuana that makes you high, but if it is available in your country I highly suggest you read this article to learn more about it and with that all the other health benefits it provides.

The herbal Turmeric

Turmeric has one ingredient named curcumin that is the most healing natural ingredient you will find on planet earth. Its said that it works even better than ibuprofen so if you’ve never used it before I highly recommend you give it a try. Although your local supermarket probably doesn’t have it in store there are plenty of online shopping platforms like Amazon that sell it. Just make sure you search for Curcumin to get the highest doze instead of a tampered down product.