Increase Your Property Value With A Simple Upgrade

In recent years we were able to see millions of homeowners who added Radiator Cabinets to their homes. The reasons why are very simple. These improvements make your home look more luxurious than ever and look more expensive as well. We will be focused on the second reason for the popularity of these devices.

Maybe radiator cabinets are not something you have in mind, but they should be if you want to sell your home. In the United Kingdom 20% of homes use these additions and the number is increasing constantly. As the end goal, we experienced in property value growth, of those who used radiator cabinets. According to the real estate community, in England, homes with cabinets for radiators are more desirable and their prices are about 5% higher than equivalent homes without these cabinets! Now you may know why adding cabinets to all your radiators is a great move!

Now, we would pay attention to the dimensions and the design of the cabinets. In essence, all standard sizes are supported, so there won’t be any issues in finding the perfect dimensions. When it comes to the design, there are no rules and you can find any radiator cabinet you may think of. Even better, new models are available each day.

The cost and the profit

We already said that you can increase thevalue of your property by using radiator cabinets, but now we will calculate how much value you can add. For example, there are 1-2 radiators in room. The price of one cabinet starts from £180. Simple math suggests that 4 rooms will cost you around £720. Now, let’s add the cost of the installation and additional costs and let’s say this improvement will cost you 1000 pounds, roughly. If your home is worth £50.000, it means that with an upgrade of only 1000 pounds, you will get £2500 profit!

Now you realize how important and wise, this addition is. Keep in mind that this is just an example, so it doesn’t have to be 100% correct. The real profit will depend on the type of radiator cabinets you will use and the original property value. In some cases, a 10% profit is possible as well. Tip: If you are looking for high-end profit, make sure you get the most impressive radiator cabinets, those that look far more expensive than they are.