Indicators That Your Instagram Automation Will Fail

No one wants to see a decline of activities on their Instagram pages.  Everyone wants to observe their activities increase on Instagram daily so that they can have more sales when the purpose of the page is marketing. This is why they opt to apply automation. However, it is essential to know that the tool does not have any alteration on the posts you make as it only fuels their chances of being viewed and liked. The tool might be rendered useless if the following things happen.

    1. Posting of poor quality photos and videos

When you make posts of pictures and videos that are blurred and low in quality, the followers ignore them, and they do not even look at the message being communicated. At some extent, they make even make negative comments. The automation tool will therefore not have any work on the profile hence no results.

    1. Overusing of hashtags

Hashtags are supposed to drive the traffic to the posts that you make. However, when they are misused or overused, the audience tends to ignore them. Therefore the tool will have no work, and it is rendered useless on your page. Some of the users may even end up unlinking your posts. This makes marketing using this tool less useful.

    1. Making irregular posts

When followers find something interesting, they will want to know more about it. They will, therefore, end up anticipating for every post that you make. However, when the posting is not frequent, they will no longer have interest on your page as they go for others that make frequent posts. It is therefore advisable that duration between postings be minimized.

    1. Spamming your followers

There are some followers who will post rather harsh and offensive comments on your content. Human instincts may lead you to spam them and also block them. However, this is very dangerous and may imply a negative reputation on your profile. If your account gets a negative listing, it may reduce the number of followers thus rendering the automation useless.

    1. Failure to respond to tailored questions and comments

Sometimes the tool may not be able to answer all the questions that are raised by the followers. It is your work to include a system in the toll that directs this to you personally. When this is not covered the automation fails. You can visit Spire and learn the features of automation tools such as followliker and pick one that suits your needs.