Innovative Use Of Rice Cooker To Cook Delicious Dishes

We all are food lovers who love different types of dishes, from the Vegetable Salads to Chicken Tikkas there is a varied variety of food that is liked by different people. But one common thing that is ever present in the menu is Rice. Any menu is devoid of quality without the rice that you can eat in combination with the delicious chapattis.

Being an important part of our menu, various sorts of rice dishes have also become popular in various parts of the world. Especially, the Brown rice is quite popular and is primarily used because of its health benefits. The brown rice has got nutrients that will certainly help your body growth. Some people still use those old-school cookers for cooking while some others have innovated with modern high-quality brown rice cookers. It is important for you to go through the details of the cooker and compare it with others to get best brown rice cooker for your home.

What kind of dishes can be made in this cooker?

Apart from the normal rice dishes, the modern electric rice cookers can also be used for preparing several other dishes. Here is just a little highlight about some of the dishes that you can cook in your rice cooker:

Banana Bread: The Rice cooker can be a very good and viable option for you to make banana bread cakes. These cakes get baked better in these steam cookers as they are cooked from all sides. Try it at your home in case you don’t have an oven.

Egg-Boiling: It might surprise some of you, but the eggs boiled in the rice cookers are harder and better boiled than in the traditional utensils. It is so because the egg remains fully covered and gets good amount of steam through the bottom that assists the boiling process.

Steamed Vegetables:  The rice cookers provide you with a unique and innovative way to steam the vegetables. So, in case you want to eat healthy food, don’t bother about finding utensils to cook the vegetables, just use your rice cooker and get high-quality steamed vegetables.

Lentils: Lentils can be cooked as easily as you cook rice in your rice cooker. Just add the ingredients and set the timer for 15 minutes and your lentil is ready. It takes lesser time and provides good quality cooking.

Modern rice Cookers

The modern rice cookers operate on the electricity and are fully automatic; you just have to adjust the clock and buttons to cook your food. At the same time, they are very easy to operate; there is a high-quality display panel where you can see the number of modes in which you can operate your rice cooker. You just have to set your cooker on a particular mode for a dish and just switch on your cooker. Your dish will be ready in no time and no supervision is required. The modern cookers come with easy to operate knobs to make it even more convenient for you.