Learn How To Choose The Best Fuel When Talking About Lawn Mowers

The gas powered lawn mowers are a great idea, but you should know the difference between the three big types of fuel you can choose from: propane, diesel and gas. We cannot tell you which fuel is better, but we can help you choose the best for your needs, helping you understand the benefits and the disadvantages.

The simplest choice: gasoline lawn mowers

Gasoline was the most common fuel used for the lawn mowers and for many other machines used in agriculture or in the American back yard. It has a long history and it was a reliable fuel. However, in the modern world, arguments against it have appeared and you should know both the good and the bad about this choice. First of all, know that they are prone to malfunctions and they need serious maintenance. However, most repair shops have the ability to repair them, while it can be harder to find a good mechanic to repair the other types of lawn mowers.

While it can be hard to take care of them, the gasoline machines are very convenient. It is very easy to fill the reservoir and you can do this on your way to your job or between tasks, because you can bring with you exactly how many tanks of gasoline you are predicting to need that day.

A reliable and resistant lawn mower will have a diesel engine

This is the most efficient fuel. The lawn mowers will work better, they will last longer and diesel is cheaper than gasoline as well. These machines will last longer and their service intervals are longer, because the oil and the filters can be changed less often. Overall, you will notice that it is cheaper to maintain a diesel lawn mower than a gasoline one.

However, it is more expensive to repair these machines and this is an important drawback. Therefore, it is important to be aware of how often you will use it and if it is advantageous to choose such an engine; if the costs of the reparations will be worth supporting.

The modern alternative – propane

As gas prices started to increase, propane has started to become more and more popular. It is cheaper, but it is a fuel friendly with the environment. It doesn’t pollute our world as much as the other two fuels, because the carbon build-up is zero. This is an important reason why you should take propane into consideration. All of us should think about our planet and try to pollute it as little as possible.