Money-Saving Opportunities When Moving into San Francisco

For 2017, San Francisco is among the top 10 in the list of the costliest urban areas in America. There, whenever you dine out, attend yoga classes, go to art galleries, watch movies in cinemas, and basically keep up with the lifestyle, you may have to slash a big sum from your regular paycheck.

But if you want to move to San Francisco in spite of the high cost of living, go ahead. San Francisco, after all, is a wonderful city. A clever hack is to work your way around the expenses.

Work, Work, Work

One of the best things that you can do to afford a life in San Francisco is to work — and work hard, you must. First, assess your financial situation by asking questions such as:


    • How much money do you need monthly for basic life requirements (e.g. food, housing, utilities)?



    • How much extra money do you need for savings?

Determining your current financial situation informs you of your financial responsibilities when you move to San Francisco. If your current income source can provide a sufficient amount of money for your preferred lifestyle, let that income stream keep flowing.

However, if your preferred lifestyle seems too expensive, you have to decide. It’s either you downgrade such lifestyle, or you find another supplemental income source.

Have a Roommate

Another money-saving opportunity when you want a life in the California state is to have a roommate. It can save you loads of money for rent. In San Francisco, you can find a plethora of apartments that accept applications for room occupants.

Especially if you plan to always be out and about, and you just plan to go home to rest, living with a roommate is practical. Let’s say that rent costs $2,000 per month. If you have a roommate, $1,000 is all you need to pay!

The Benefits of Ride-Sharing Services

Have you heard of BART (or Bay Area Rapid Transport)? It’s San Francisco’s underground subway system, and you should take advantage of it when you’re there.

For one, a ticket to ride the BART from the terminal area to downtown San Francisco is just about $8. You should be familiar with the facts that riding the BART is an affordable mode of transport and it eliminates problems with parking.

You can also avail of other ride-sharing service-providers (e.g. Lyft, Uber). From the terminal area to downtown, about $5 is all you need to pay!