Portland- A Green City worth visiting

Although everyone knows Portland, it is not among the top destinations that come to mind when someone decides to travel in the US. That is very unfortunate since Portland is the ideal place for those who wish to see a “Green City” and experience the living in a sustainable and environmental friendly city. Below follow the top reasons that make Portland sustainable and perfect to visit:

1. Eat what you produce

One of the things that makes Portland different than other big cities is the fact that grocery stores, restaurants and every other place that sells food is always keen on using local ingredients. In fact some businesses are committed to use only locally produced ingredients to their recipes. As someone can imagine this is beneficial not only to the local economy but also to those who want to know what they eat. There is also a list on the internet with the businesses that use only local products. The surprising fact is that someone would expect to find local ingredients like cheese, meat and vegetables, but in Portland the locals even produce their own beer! The result is that the quality of the food offered is extremely good and it is definitely a must-visit destination!

2. Green Policies

One of the reasons that make Portland a city worth visiting is the fact that “Green policies” that protect the environment and increase the awareness towards sustainability are mandatory by the government. In contrast to other cities sustainability in Portland is not a new thing. It existed since the 70s that the first legislation was imposed in order to limit the urban growth. Nowadays strict legislations apply for those who wish to build a new house. Luckily there is one company, Terra Hydra Inc that knows all about these legislations and can help anyone who wishes to build a new house and needs advice on these environmental policies. One can imagine how different life is in a city that is so strict with Green Policies!

3. Sustainable means of Transport

One of the first things that someone noticed in a big city is how polluting the means of transport are. They create a highly unhealthy climate that most of the citizens despise. This is not the case for Portland since it offers a wide range of options when it comes to transportation. Such options are buses, streetcars and light rail. Buses run very frequently they are quite cheap and they even extend their routes to the areas outside the city. But the most interesting highlight is that Portland is among the cities with the highest number of cyclists in the US. Of course there are designated bike lanes and drivers are very friendly to bicyclists.

After having said all that, most people that are environmental curious would be interested in visiting Portland for their next holidays. Of course there are other things to do in Portland like wandering in the famous parks and bridges and pay a visit to famous coffeehouses. What are you waiting for?