Seashell Crafts To Add Beach Vibes To Your Home

Whether you’re due to be beach bound this summer or you just have a deep adoration for the seaside, there are an endless number of versatile ways you can use seashells around your home for both practical and aesthetic ways.

From wind chimes and candle holders to studded jewellery and wall decorations, sea shells add a pleasing touch of nature that will take you back to the beach days… if you’re not lucky enough to live by one already! Not only are sea shells easy to find (you can often pick one up from your local handicraft store if you’re not near the beach), but they are also all-natural and each beautifully unique in their own shape, colours and sizes. By immersing into DIY sea shell crafts, you get the chance to unleash your creativity while also creating stunning home decor without having to break the bank.

To begin with, gather your seashells!

Depending on the use, explore with a variety of shapes and sizes of seashells and spend some time digging through the sand to find shells with more special hues. Take your time – the fresh ocean air will do you some good! If you haven’t already decided what it is you will be making, having a scour through the variety of shells might provide you with some inspiration on the spot.

Next, gather all the other equipment you will need. You may decide to let the shells’ natural colours do the talking, or you may want to invest in some paint for an additional personal touch. You might need some superglue if you’re going to be sticking shells onto a surface, and perhaps some strong wood that can manage the weight of the seashells. You could also incorporate other natural materials onto your craft, such as twigs and sand, for a truly beach-y feel.

For projects such as jewellery or wind chimes, look for some sturdy string as well as an appropriate drill to put some neat holes into the shells.

Online guides such as can help you determine which drill bit is most suitable for the shells and other tools which need holes in them. 

 Need some further inspiration on how to use your seashells? Stick some shells on the end of hair clips for a gorgeous accessory, or place melted wax and a wick in the shells to make ambient candles. You could even place some sea shells in clear glasses or jars along with some sand, twigs and plants to make stunning table placements and homemade gifts. Whatever you decide to make, sea to it that you have fun for shore!