The Most Important Motorcycle Safety Gear

Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling and an amazing experience. However, it is equally as dangerous. There is more that goes into riding safely than just learning how to maneuver and balance the motorcycle. When it comes to buying motorcycle gear, bear in mind that there is a lot of fancy things the market has to offer; however, it is vital to consider buying things that will keep you as safe and protected as possible, just in case things don’t go as planned. There is essential safety gear that you should always wear to ensure your safety. Below are some of the most appropriate motorcycle gear that you should never overlook.


There is a whole lot of reasons why you should never miss a helmet on your head. Yes, it is a requirement by the law, but also it protects your brain from damage. A good helmet should perfectly sit on your head without any side movements. Additionally, see to it that the materials that make the helmet are sturdy and robust enough to withstand any damaging crash or fall. Imagine what would happen to your face if it got dragged for some 20 feet on a rough pavement without a helmet. Thus, if you love your face and you would like to keep it that way, one sure way is making sure you have a helmet on before jumping on your bike. They come in different colors and shapes to fit with changing user preferences.


Most riders often undermine the importance of riding gloves. Gloves come in different materials and designs to fit with different purposes. They protect your hands if you crash and also from anything that may come flying your way on the road. Also, whenever you fall, you are most likely to stretch your hand out to prevent a huge impact or protect other body parts. Therefore, it is wise to look for padded gloves or those made from materials that can protect your palms in case of a fall.

Riding Pants

Most riders are aware of the importance of wearing riding pants but still don’t see the need to invest in one of these pairs. Whereas jeans or any other thick fabric will come in handy to keep you dry and also keep off dirt and bugs from your legs, at times it pays to wear tougher riding pants. Different pants may suit different circumstances. Therefore be sure to research first or ask at the store before making a purchase. You will find pants that are made specifically for motorcycle riding. For instance, sports riding pants come with an exceptional design that features in-built pads at the hips and spine, along with protective knee caps.

Riding Boots

Riding boots offer traction and also protection for your legs, toes, and ankles when you crash.  When buying riding boots, there is a lot that you should consider because they come in different styles and designs. Some boots come with laces whereas others don’t. If you decide to buy boots with laces, make sure you tie them tightly and tuck the ends inside the top of the boot. You don’t want your shoes coming off as you ride, leaving your toes and ankles exposed.


A motorcycle jacket is another basic safety gear you should always have on. It not only complements your outlook, especially the typical black leather jacket but also keeps you warm when the weather is not so friendly.  However, most importantly, it protects your skin should you fall and slide on rough pavement. There are many materials to choose from, therefore, look for one that matches with the weather, protects your skin and also complements your look.


Safety is an important aspect and should be given high priority always regardless of where you are riding. Wearing appropriate safety gear protects the most vulnerable parts of your body and may prove to be the difference between death and survival in case you get involved in an accident.